Dogtective William


Dogtective in China

The first five adventures of William the Dogtective had been translated to Mandarin, and are available from most major bookstores in China, as well as online as e-books.

DW & diamond smugglers

Dogtective William and the diamond smugglers

William and Alex must prevent a gang from getting their hands on some diamonds in Namibia. But this time they are required to work with another famous dog-detective, Sergeant Maximilian. Something is naging at William though . . . is Max's patrol officer to be trusted? When our dogtective and ...


Dogtective William Travels the World

Alex is twelve years old and an only child. He spends a lot of time with his dog, William, which  the family got from the SPCA a few years ago. But only Alex knows William’s secret: he understands human language AND he can talk! William reveals this to Alex in ...


Dogtective William and the Pirates

Alex’s mum wins a luxury cruise holiday and takes her son along. Willem plays stowaway in Alex’s backpack and later in a linen closet on board. When modern day pirates take the ship hostage William’s sleuth skills save the day. Alex and William work together to foil the pirates’ plans, ...


Dogtective William and the Poachers

William and Alex are on their third mission together: they must investigate the poaching of rhinos on Aunt Lulu’s farm in the Bushveld.Very topical plot, and full of humour, as readers have come to expect from this duo! This is the third book in the series.


Dogtective William in Space

In their fourth adventure together William and Alex go to Baikonur in Kazakhstan, from where they are launched into space to investigate a mysterious problem with the International Space Station’s oxygen supply. Here they meet William’s old friend Boris, another dogtective, who reveals some interesting facts about William’s past, to ...


Dogtective William in New York

Alex knew something was up when William requested a bath and entered himself into a dog show. He wasn't too surprised when he found out that the show's final round was to be held in New York. Didn't he read that kidnappings of celerities' dogs in the Big Apple had ...