The Adventures of Anna Atom

Adventures of Anna Atom

The Adventures of Anna Atom

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The amazing Adventures of Anna Atom takes you to a tiny island adrift in the Indian Ocean, just south of the Equator. This is the home of the precarious Atom family: professor Sabatina Atom, a scientist working for United Surveilance (US), her adventurous young daughter Anna, and Anna’s strange little brother Pip. Pip is half human, half biotron . . . and every bit as annoying as younger brothers can be!

The father of the family, Admiral Atom, is confined┬áto his Space Ark where he tends to pairs of the Earth’s most endangered animals. Following an accident with a Molecular Displacement ray, he cannot return to Earth as his molecules will immediately collapse when subjected to gravity.

A growing girl needs her father. Max, the supercomputer working with her mother on the island, and Ton, a man with a mysterious past, have their work cut out to keep Anna from getting into all kinds of trouble.

Throw in a couple of pirates, a sea monster, some dodo’s and an evil scientist, and you have all the ingredients for a super story!

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Elizabeth Wasserman’s The adventures of Anna Atom is pure reading joy!